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Nashville’s one stop content shop for musicians. Photography, performance videos, short form videos, and more, our studio is designed to be welcoming and creative, setting the stage for a collaborative, client-focused experience to get you ALL the content you need for your next release.

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In today's music world, just having great songs isn't enough. A great album cover? Just the start. You need it all – from dynamic album visuals to promo photos, Spotify graphics, and videos that show off your best. Today, content is king. That's exactly what we're here for at J Creative House Studios. We understand the relentless pressure to create engaging content. Focus on your music. We got your content.

JCH Studio

serves as a one stop content shop for musicians looking to release new music. We offer bundled services that include single covers, promo photos, Spotify canvas videos, performance videos, and music videos. While our focus is 90% on musicians, we also host occasional headshot days for other professionals.

Services Offered:



Learn To Step Out
Of  Your Comfort Zone


The Process at J Creative House Studios is a vibrant and creative journey, designed specifically for musicians and artists. It's more than just a photo or video shoot; it's about capturing the essence of your artistry and transforming it into stunning visual content.

Whenever you've stood before a camera, you might have felt a mix of excitement and apprehension. Perhaps there were nerves about how you would appear, or questions about expressing your true artistic identity. Maybe there was uncertainty about working with a new team or trying something innovative. It's normal – it's part of being an artist stepping into the spotlight.

But here's the exciting part – these feelings can be channeled into creativity and confidence. How? Think about your journey in music. You didn't wake up one day and instantly master your craft. It took practice, dedication, and passion. You refined your skills through countless hours, tuning every note, perfecting every lyric. That's how you became the artist you are today.

The same principle applies to creating powerful visual content. The more you engage in the process, the more comfortable and expressive you become in front of the camera.

Our goal at J Creative House Studios is to guide you through this process. We start simply – maybe it's capturing the raw emotion in a still portrait or a candid moment during a rehearsal. As you become more comfortable, we'll explore more dynamic concepts – vibrant shoots that match the energy of your music, videos that tell your story, visuals that resonate with your audience.

The journey is collaborative. We begin with a conversation – understanding your vision, your music, and your goals. From there, we build a creative plan tailored just for you. With J Creative House Studios, you're not just stepping into a studio – you're immersed into the creative process, stepping into a space where your musical vision is visualized, one frame at a time.

The Process

An immersive 2-hour shoot combining photography and creative video.

  • 30 minutes of studio photography.
  • 30 minutes of creative video (perfect for Spotify banners and IG stories).
  • 1 hour for a performance video.


Session Fee: $995

  • 10 edited images
  • 3 short form vertical video clips for spotify banner and social promotion
  • Performance video in full

Additional Edits: $50/image

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Studio photography

Professional studio photography tailored for musicians.

  • 1-hour photo session.
  • Capture the essence of your music in high-quality images.
  • Proofs sent after the shoot
  • Selection of your top 10 images, to be edited


Session Fee: $500

Additional Images: $25/image

Bulk Image Package: $200 for 10 additional images

Music Videos

High-quality music video production to bring your songs to life.

  • Starting from concept development to final edit.
  • Professional filming and editing included.


Base Fee: Our minimum rate of engagement for music videos is $3,000

Detailed quote provided based on project specifics.

Performance Video

Capture your live performance in a dynamic and engaging video.

  • Up to 90min of filming.
  • Professionally edited to highlight your musical performance.


Session Fee: $700

Extended Filming: $300/hour beyond initial 90min


Professional headshots

  • 30-minute session.
  • Ideal for portfolios, social media, and promotional material.
  • Includes 3 high-quality, edited headshots.


Session Fee: $250

Additional Headshots: $40/image


Booking and Preparation:

Once you've booked your session with us, expect an email within 48 hours to arrange your pre-session chat. This conversation, which we can do via video call, will last about 15-30 minutes. It’s our chance to connect, discuss how you can prepare for your shoot, and tackle any queries.

Location and Duration:

Your session will be held at our cozy home studio at 179 Antioch Pike, where we've transformed a garage into a creative space. While we have a designated changing area, please note that the bathroom facilities are located inside the main house. We’ll work together to select the right backdrop for your shoot, and if you have specific color preferences, let us know beforehand.

Session Flow:

"The Process" at J Creative House Studios includes a 2-hour shoot, comprising 30 minutes for photos, 30 minutes for creative video (ideal for Spotify banners and Instagram stories), and 1 hour for a performance video.  Our session is a blend of studio photography and creative video, designed to bring out the best in your musical talents. We'll capture a variety of dynamic visuals, from promotional photos to performance videos. You’re encouraged to bring your own style to the session, and handling your own makeup and hair styling is recommended for authenticity


Within two weeks after your session, we’ll send you a link to an online gallery with proofs. Here, you can select your favorite images for us to edit. We aim to deliver a captivating visual representation of your music, perfectly attuned to your artistic vision.

Additional Options:

Each session includes one outfit change. Should you wish to explore more looks, additional outfit changes are available at $100 per look, keeping within the original time frame. Extra backdrops can also be added for $100 each.



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you might be wondering…...

Can I book J Creative House Studios for non-musical projects, like corporate headshots or personal portraits?

Absolutely! While our primary focus is on musicians, we offer non-music sessions bi-monthly, whether it’s corporate headshots or personal portrait sessions. However, If you have a time-sensitive project, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What should I bring to my photo/video shoot at JCH Studios?

Bring any outfits you'd like to wear, personal props or instruments that represent your style, and if you prefer, your own makeup and hair styling products. It's all about showcasing your unique personality!

What is the turnaround time for final edited images and videos?

Proofs are typically sent within 2 weeks of your session. Once you've selected your favorites, please allow another 1 week for final editing and delivery.

Are there any special packages or discounts for repeat clients or referrals?

Yes, we value our returning clients and those who refer others to us. Repeat clients receive a $75 discount on all future bookings, and for every successful referral, we offer a $75 discount on your next session AS WELL as a $75 discount for who you referred.

What is J Creative House Studios' cancellation or rescheduling policy?

We understand that plans can change. When you book with us, you pay a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure the date. If you need to reschedule/cancel, that 50% can be used as the deposit for your new preferred date, but it will not be refunded.

How do you ensure the photos and videos reflect my music style?

We start every project with a detailed discussion about your music and artistic vision. This collaborative approach ensures that the final visuals truly resonate with your style and brand.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can be included in a shoot?

Our studio comfortably accommodates solo artists and small groups. For larger bands or ensembles, please discuss with us in advance so we can make necessary arrangements.

How does the studio handle sound recording for performance videos?

For performance videos, we focus on the visual aspects and recommend that you bring a pre-recorded track. However, if you need live sound recording, let us know in advance so we can discuss the options.